Pest Control

Mosquito Control

Our all natural mosquito program begins in May and runs through September. We will treat your lawn 6 times a year to help you enjoy a mosquito free lifestyle.

*Have an event or special occasion coming up? No worries, we will gladly come out 24-48 hours before the occasion to ensure your guests can enjoy the event, mosquito free.

Flea and Tick Control
Our all natural flea and tick program is designed to keep your family and pets happy and healthy. No more nasty bites or searching through hair or fur for unwanted guests. We start your program in April and run it through September. We come out, to service your lawn, for these unwanted pests, 6 times a year (every 4 weeks).
Grub Control
This is a preventive application for the larvae stage of Japanese Beetles. These grubs feed off the root systems of the grass plant, prohibiting the turf to absorb water, thereby ridding the turf of roots and causing the grass to brown out and die.