We proudly offer discounts to past and present U.S. Military, Police and Firefighters and seniors.

Payment Options


We offer a discount if you decide to pay ahead for the entire year.  This is only an option for the full service programs.


We offer auto pay on our secured website.  Not need to remember one more bill or invoice.  The payment will automatically post within 24 hours of a completed treatment.

Other Pricing

Mosquito Control – Starting at $212 annually (six visits)

Flea and Tick Control – Starting at $282 annually (six visits)

Nutsedge Control – $12.50 per 1000 sq ft

Grub Control, Disease Control, Core Aeration, Overseeding,
Slit Seeding, Lim Application or Tree and Shrub – Call 215.723.1034 for pricing.